The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

November 7, 2015


"Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."


These final words spoken by Humphrey Bogart from the classic film Casablanca are brought to mind as I start this new Blog. After we're done here I expect that we'll have single handedly hoodwinked the Nazi's, won the heart of a gorgeously delicious damsel, lose her in a dramatic finale, and then casually walk off screen with a slightly effeminate frenchman: The point is we might be slightly tired and confused at the end but we'll feel like old friends by the time its over.


The aim of this blog will be to review a variety of films from past and present. I hope to try break each film down to its plot and direction with comparison to the classics while referencing the influences that run through these visually moving artworks. 


The first film I intend to review will be the newest release from the behemoth movie making machine that is James Bond. "Spectre" (2015) is the fourth film starring Daniel Criag as 007. Sam Mendes, the creative head behind the last Bond movie (Skyfall), has nurtured a professional relationship with Daniel Craig going back to the days of "Road to Perdition". This is rumoured to be the last film in the Bond series produced by this dynamic duo.


If you've seen the film you will probably already be a fan of the fanchise and therefore be fully aware of its connections and references to the Bond films of the past. I intend to look more deeply at these differences and similarities (without going into any major spoilers) to perhaps reveal what the character of James Bond says about both modern and post modern Britian. 


Stay Tuned...

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